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Ternpath Application

July 13, 2023

Ternpath Application

Ternpath is an innovative iOS app designed to stimulate real-life social connections. Users create events based on shared interests, verified by our Facial Recognition API during account activation. This promotes genuine interactions by ensuring unique accounts, enhancing the integrity of user data.

Key Features:
  • Interests: Users can select up to 10 interests.
  • Event Creation: The app allows event creation based on shared interests.
  • Account Verification: We use facial recognition to authenticate users.
  • Matched Events: Users can view and join events that match their interests.
  • Event Group Chat: A temporary chat group is created for each event. Feedback and Rating: Users can leave feedback after the event.
  • Post & Interactions: The app offers a platform for users to post and interact, similar to popular social media platforms.
  • P2P Chat & Friend Requests: Personal chats and friend requests are enabled upon mutual agreement.
Our Responsibilities:
  • Project Architecture: Implemented a Layered (n-Tier) Architecture.
  • API Development: Built all APIs using ASP.NET Core 3.1.
  • App Development: Developed a user-friendly application for iOS users.
  • Admin Panel: Created an intuitive admin panel for comprehensive content management.
  • Face Recognition API: Incorporated Microsoft Azure’s cognitive service for user verification, thus preventing account duplication and enabling secure friend requests.

By combining social media elements with a focus on offline interactions, Ternpath fosters a unique social environment where screen time is reduced and real-life social interactions are encouraged.