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Babyheart Website

July 13, 2023

Babyheart Website

The Babyheart website is a comprehensive online platform that offers a range of paid and free courses exclusively to registered subscribers on the MTN South Africa Network. With a focus on pregnancy, childcare, personal development, family, and parental care, our mission is to empower parents with knowledge, skills, and support to navigate the beautiful journey of parenthood.

Key Features and Objectives:

  • Course Offerings: The Babyheart website provides an extensive collection of courses that cover essential topics related to pregnancy, childbirth, infant care, personal growth, family dynamics, and parental well-being.
  • Subscriber Registration: To access the courses, users are required to register as subscribers on the MTN South Africa Network.
  • Paid and Free Courses: The Babyheart website offers a combination of paid and free courses to cater to a wide range of users.
  • Rewards and Gamification: To incentivize and motivate users to complete courses, we have implemented a rewards system.
  • Personalised Learning Experience: The Babyheart website utilises advanced technology to offer a personalised learning experience. Through user profiles and data analytics.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
Our Responsibilities:
  • Project Architecture: We implemented a Layered (n-Tier) Architecture for systematic project organization.
  • API Development: All APIs were constructed using ASP .NET CORE 7.0
  • Admin Panel with Role Management: An intuitive admin panel was developed with an intricate role management feature. We created a comprehensive admin panel for streamlined content management.
  • Third-Party API Integration: We seamlessly integrated various third-party APIs to ensure the optimal functionality of different app features and fostered efficient data exchange.
  • Continuous Optimization: The application underwent ongoing optimization to enhance its performance and ensure superior user satisfaction.
  • Support and Maintenance: We delivered continuous support and maintenance for better performance.